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We produce superior male and female chef uniforms and high-quality customisable restaurant aprons. Experience wearing uniforms in deluxe fabrics that will fit your body perfectly, keeping you comfortable all day long. Have more uniform choices, choose Ready2Rock!

We produce superior male and female chef uniforms and high-quality customisable restaurant aprons. Experience wearing uniforms in deluxe fabrics that will fit your body perfectly, keeping you comfortable all day long. Have more uniform choices, choose Ready2Rock!


The Nitty Gritty


Here’s our BIG issues, what we stand for and why the hell we started making chef uniforms. There is a lot more to us, but this is the fuel that lights our fire.

1. Taking the pain out of cooking

Yes, yes, chefs will still burn, cut, tattoo & self-inflict raging hangovers onto themselves. But we are here to tackle the daily pains and annoyances of the dreaded waiter & chef uniforms. Theres nothing worse than suffering from chefs crack or inner thigh chaffing & aprons rubbing constantly at your neck.

2. More choice, Bro

We want to offer more options to chefs, we’re not all the same size. Some are tall – Those chef’s are the lucky ducks, because at least they can reach all the top shelves! But theres also the shortys and/or the tastemasters who are a that little bit bigger and maybe a touch rounder. We’re all different sizes but our uniform range cater’s to everyone by offering 2 apron sizes, 3 different lenghts of chef pants and a great plus size range. We make all shapes of chefs comfortable.

3. Women to wear women’s uniforms

It is really important to us that female chefs have comfortable, flattering women’s uniforms available to them. Chef uniforms that are made to actually fit them correctly in all places. Aprons that cover their lady lumps properly! Pants that dont allow them to chaff. Hats with extra room for their longer hair. No more unisex man-i-forms for chefsista’s.

What’s our Plan Stan?

First, we tackled the chef uniform design. As chefs, we knew what was driving us insane and we were close enough to the front of house staff to hear their whimpers too. Here are the areas we have already addressed;

Stopping Apron Neck Rub
2 Apron Sizes Available 
Both Boobs Covered Policy
Fitted Women’s Uniforms
Double Stitched Chef Pants & Jackets
Decent Plus Size Range

Next, we wanted to offer more choices to chefs and restaurants. Restaurant’s can build their own aprons, choosing every aspect of the apron. We also don’t have minimum order quantity so smaller cafes can design thier own aprons too. Chefs will soon be able to choose the fabric of the chefs jacket after choosing the style of the jacket. Customers will choose from ultra light – our Famous blend – 100% cotton. We already offer different lenghts of pants and we can customise chef jackets to tailor to every need. Basically we’re breaking all the traditional chef uniform rules and rolling out a whole new uniform system.  The reason we produce the best fitting, most comfortable chef wear for chefs is B’coz we give a shit, unlike every other uniform company we belive chefs deserve the best

The future Ready2Rock is about focusing on building the coolest chef uniform Rock Shop in Melbourne. We are also working on getting our chef gear and aprons around outback aussie using trusted wholesalers. We have more awesome uniform ideas to be released and great designs still to come. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook to see more cool rock stuff as it happens. But the big master plan is just as the famous Pinky and the Brain would say “What are we going to do tomorrow? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!”

Mission Impossible

Our commitment to gender equality is what we are fiercly passionate about. We strongly oppose unisex uniforms and believe the ‘man-i-form’ has got to go. It’s time for women to dress as women in the kitchen. The fonder of R2R is a female chef and she knows first hand how painfuly excruciating inner thigh chaffing can be from wearing men’s low crotch pants in kitchens. The old unisex mens uniforms aka ‘potato sack’ chef jackets create low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in kitchens. Unisex uniforms should not be tolerated anymore. We don’t want future female chefs to endure the pains of the unisex uniforms that the female chefs of yesterday had to go through. Inspired by R2Rs chef owners personal experience, we designed a modern, edgy range of women’s uniforms. Our range includes the “Plain Jane” jacket made from quality fabric in the traditional chef white style, but it actually fits women of all sizes; flatteringly and comfortably. Our other female designer jackets we pimped up for chefsistas who really want to rock the kitchen and show who’s boss. Plus, we have designed the first pregnant chef jacket The Bun in the Oven Jacket!



“90% of female chefs work in male uniforms”


chef uniforms

Designed by chefs, tested by chefs & loved by chefs, we know what uniforms work the best in kitchen’s. No more unisex chef Chef uniformsuniforms, no more chafing, no more apron neck rubbing, no more painful chef uniforms. Our chef uniforms use the best fabrics to keep you cool while cooking. Being tax deductible, why not wear something you love to work in? If you’re a female chef, wear a god damn female chef’s uniform, it’s much more comfortable!  

Our Chef Wear


chef uniformsWaiter Ready2rockOur custom made front of house aprons can be made to order to match your branding. Design your own aprons from start to finish. Bulk order discounts are available to restaurants.  All of our aprons are high quality, durable, comfortable and made using the best fabrics. Once your order is Ready2Rock we have a free delivery to Melbourne based restaurants. We can do embroidery or digital vinyl transfer with  your logo onto your aprons too. 

Our Waiter Wear