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Once upon a time, on an island not so far away, there was a little girl. She was destined to become the queen of awesome hospitality uniforms, but alas, around the turn of the millennium troubling things did happen and she became a bad, bad girl! She dropped out of school, swore like a sailor, smoked like a chimney, raged to heavy rock music and loved to destroy kitchens when cooking up a storm. At sweet sixteen she became a chef. She made 3 bowls of porridge, one for … oh hold on, wrong story. Sorry.  She worked her little butt off getting the normal chef abuse, cut’s, burn’s, tattoo’s, drinking & partying habits and generally years of no sleep. She absolutely loved it!

She moved to Melbourne and worked long hard hours in all the finest restaurants she could find. But on Saturday nights after busy services cooking, it felt like all of Melbourne were at glamourous balls while she was scrubbing & cleaning late into the night. She would be slaving over hot stoves, wearing uncomfortable, horrible male unisex chef pants, that left her chaffed and unable to walk home. Hats that fell off due to having long golden hair. Aprons that could not cover her two boobs correctly. Time was quickly ticking by, all of a sudden she was in her mid-twenties. One day after working 16 hours again in a busy kitchen she decided, F this. I’ll go on a big adventure and do working cooking road trip around ALL of Australia following a giant orange dirt road with her dog Toto Chilli. 

She informed her father of her majestic travel plans and in return, he gave her the best advice he could, “whatever you do, DON’T BUY AN OLD VW KOMBI VAN”! Being an extremely obedient girl, and always one to listen to her father, the very next day she proudly purchased one off EBAY! A couple of rolls of duct tape and fencing wire later, she set off from Melbourne on her BIG 1-year cooking adventure. But unfortunate events did unfold, she only made a brief two weeks around South Australia when she blew up her engine and limped back to Melbourne. She Fixed the bloody useless car, and once again she set off from Melbourne on her BIG 1-year cooking adventure!

The final expedition took: Seven years, eight months and ten days, three engine rebuilds, one small engine fire, a lime green paint job, a new roof, a couple of dud love stories,  and finally some new twin Weber carby’s until she arrived back in Melbourne.

It was while she was away ‘finding herself’ and ‘restoring the Kombi that couldn’t’ she had been dreaming of making a chefwear range that actually fit chefs and reduced some of the pains while cooking.

Living in outback Aussie she had realised just how shit the chef uniform choice was, especially the women’s uniforms. In 2014 while living in Broome Western Australia, she went back to school and studied Small Business Management. She also sketched a whole lot of cool edgy men’s and women’s chef uniform designs. Using her sweaty hard-earned chef dollars, she managed to get the little stick figure scribbled design’s to ‘come to life’. The new uniforms rocked! She had found solutions for many of the flaws in the current chef wear, giving the new uniform designs a little extra flair.

After getting back to the big smoke of Melbourne in 2016. Ready2Rock Hospitality Uniforms was born. It is still early days for us at R2R, but slowly this young chef girl dreams are becoming a reality. We WILL transform the Hospitality Industry’s chef and waiterwear, by offering new high-quality modern designs with a good dollop of chef attitude and humour. Our biggest aim is to destroy the unisex Man-i-Forms of yesterday. We want to minimise the general pains and annoyances of the chefwear we all seem to still be wearing in 2018. Designed a long, long time ago, that were barely okay, once upon a time.