If you’re a female chef you definitely don’t crumble easy, in fact, you’re more likely to work 10 times harder to get the same promotions as the guys and usually for less money! Sigh.

Another challenge for us female chefs is when the baby clock has struck its luck and we’re all ‘knocked up’! The female chef species is anything but a weak one and most of us keep working hard, steering those stoves right up until we’re about to burst. The whole time struggling with no adequate uniform options for those big 9 months, before popping out that fantastic bundle of joy into the world.

And that my chefsista’s is what I want to address today. What does a pregnant chef do with their chef jackets while they’re up the Duff? Do you undo all the bottom buttons and let the belly hang out keeping your apron on all the time? Luckily, I think it’s time someone came up with something a lot better, and Ready2Rock has!

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I’m Bec Telford head rocker of Ready2Rock Hospitality Uniforms, we create and design non-unisex tailor-made chefwear for the men and women of the industry. Today we are releasing our “Bun in the oven jacket” for pregnant chefs. The bun in the oven jacket grows with you, as your mini chef develops inside. The hidden side pleats allow it to expand with you and then goes back to a normal chef jacket after birth. It’s also longer at the front to help keep your baby belly covered and to keep you more comfortable. This way you can look good while going through your toughest months and wear your chef jacket with pride.

Currently available in 3 sizes and colour options. Have a look at our link below to see more details. Why should women suffer more than they need to in kitchens? We keep the ladies comfortable today in female chef wear. And don’t forget, we also make great uniforms for the men to look damn good in too!