3 Way Apron- Black & Grey

3 Way Apron- Black & Grey


Everyone loves a good 3 way! Get yours today! 

The 3way, works 3 ways:

1: Side A is one design – if you get a bit dirty…
2: Use Side B. its a whole new clean apron.!
3: Double-sided also means it’s thick enough to grab pots off the stove or trays out of the oven as a makeshift teatowel, saving you from burning your fingers when in a hurry!

Available in THREE sizes, Description below ⇓

The 3 Way Apron!

The 3 way apron, you say??

This apron is like an old skool record, it has 2 sides. Each side is different.

Side A is plain black with a top left pen pocket and a waist-level right side pocket.

Side B is a grey fabric with a top pen pocket and another waist-level right-side pocket and has Black stitching.

Start your double shift on one side, if you get dirty during the service, it’s okay, come back from your break and use side B. Or if you need to go out into the restaurant during service or have a meeting with a boss- just flip it around and you’ll be looking great in one second. Also if you have a big wet spill these aprons don’t really absorb the moisture so you’ll never feel wet either!

Now, the third way the 3way apron works:

Let’s say you’re in a really busy service and an apprentice has stolen your tea towel. You’re oysters Kilpatrick are starting to burn and you need them out now! JUST UNTIE AND GRAB THE HOT TRAY! Use the apron to handle any hot pot’s, tray’s, or equipment and keep on going. No more burning food while looking for a new tea towel or burnt hands trying to grab hot items. You’ll be the hero of the service and able to have nice soft hands to beat up that teatowel-stealing apprentice later. ( but, we don’t condone any kitchen violence here at R2R – so please make sure its off-camera)

The 3way apron has adjustable neck straps and is available in three sizes, Smaller – Large – Xtra large to suit everybody, plus these have nice long straps for tying at the front or back.

Reversible, durable, adjustable and able to handle all the hot stuff out of ovens and stoves, Nab yourself a 3way today and never look back.

** These are heavier than a single flimsy apron, but they are good against radiant heat. Not the best on a 40°+ extremely hot day. But 95% of the time, these are absolutely FINE. We have tested these and made sure they’re not too heavy or hot. And they are great. But if you’re working in one of those really extreme inferno kitchen hot boxes with no air con or vents or anything, well these will be warmer to wear than a single-sided apron.

Available in 3 sizes – Smaller – Larger – Xtra Large

Small size – good for size XS to L

Large good for L – to- XXL

Xtra Large for 3XL and above

Weight.69 kg

Larger, Smaller, Xtra Large


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