Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Beeswax Leather Conditioner

$7.90 30g

Beeswax Leather Conditioner 30g

Our home made 100% natural Macadamia and Beeswax Leather Conditioner. Prevent your leather goods cracking and drying out using this balm.

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Just $3.99

Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Keep your leather knife rolls boots & shoes in premium condition with our all-natural Macadamia Beeswax leather conditioner balm (30g). The balm is best used after using our cleansing Leather Cleaner Cream, which cleans the leather first. If your knife roll is under a bench in a kitchen and prone to getting a bit of dirt on it, you may want to invest in the Leather Cleaner Cream too. Prevent your leather from drying out and cracking with our macadamia beeswax leather conditioner. It moisturises and waterproofs your case keeping it looking beautiful for a lifetime. Leather fibers, like skin, will soak up the conditioner, absorbing as much as they can, meaning that you shouldn’t expect your leather to be shiny just because you’ve applied conditioner. Any excess can be wiped away with a soft cloth, leaving a smooth, supple surface.


A little goes a long way, just use a little microfiber towel or soft cloth, and rub over the leather, buffing it in. Done


Condition your leather goods whenever you feel like the leather is getting dull or dry. Some experts advocate conditioning every six to 12 months, but this is entirely dependent on the environment your leather is in, the amount of use it gets, and your own preferences.

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If you just want a few stickers, earrings, buttons or Beeswax Conditioner it’s just $3.99 Postage – Buy a button  pack and beeswax Conditioner -it will still be a 3.99 flat postage price.

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