Blue Mondayz Blue Apron

Blue Mondayz Blue Apron



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Modern Vibrant Deep Aqua Blue Aprons with new removable straps!

Available in Smaller & Larger sizes

A right-side pocket is also blended into the apron.
See below for more details ⇓

logo per piece 9.2 for most standard logos
One-Off 77 Set-Up Fee. Logos can also be used on high-quality tees - hats - hoodies- etc too. Email us an inquiry.
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Blue Mondayz – Removable Strap Blue Apron

Get your establishment up to date with this stellar-coloured modern blue apron. Are you looking for an alternative to those daggy denim aprons? Denim went out the door back in 2017, throw out your fading, crinkly, dead denim apron and rejuvenate your place with decent fabric and colour. Our Blue Mondayz aprons are vibrant fun aprons plus we gave this design our famous black contrast stitching. These aprons are a part of our latest collection with removable straps too. Made by hand with strong reinforced metal eyelets and studs at the top so you can remove the neck and waist straps when washing! Yes, that’s right, no more tangled strap chaos when washing all your aprons. Hand wash the straps in warm soapy water and hang to dry while the rest of the apron gets washed in the machine. Plus purchase replacement straps in a range of colours and make these stand out more by changing the strap colour!

Professional Design

Not only do our aprons look great, but our design will fit your whole team perfectly. Choose larger or smaller size aprons, one size does not always fit all. Most waitresses will be a small size BUT there is a larger size to match chefs to your front of house staff too or if there’s a tall male waiter or bustier female. We’ve also blended in a handy right-hand pocket, for any pesky paperwork, phone or cleaning cloths. Our aprons are designed to sit nicely on men and women across the chest, they’re a touch wider so female chefs can get good coverage, and actually cover both boobs. But don’t worry they still look fine on men too! It’s just so much more professional when there’s no boob pop & nipple shuffle for the female servers.

Our Famous Fabric Qualities

All our aprons are handmade utilising good quality cotton/poly mix fabric which produces a solid, tough and breathable apron. The polyester stops any fading, prevents pesky crinkles, has stain resistance & keeps them looking like new. The top eyelets and push studs save you from untangling all the apron straps on washing day and prevent the straps from pulling and breaking the aprons while being washed. All our aprons have strong double stitching on pockets for long-lasting wear n tear.

  • Removable straps for ease of washing
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Right-hand pocket that blends in
  • 2 sizes to suit everyone
  • Wider chest coverage to keep everyone looking professional
  • Hand-made with care not big company factory production

Available in many other colours too & in a Criss Cross style

Black Grey Purple Cream Brown  Red Green

Weight0.35 kg

Large, Small


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