The Plain Jayne – White Short Sleeve Women’s Chef Jacket

The Plain Jayne – White Short Sleeve Women’s Chef Jacket


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Plastic Chef buttons included with the jacket, choose from Black White Silver Gold or Brass!

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Plain Jayne – White Traditional Women’s Chef Jacket

A traditional women’s chef jacket, that keeps you super comfortable and looking your best.

Sick of oversized baggy potato sack-style unisex chef jackets? Do you want to look and feel like the sassy Nigella while cooking? You will in this curvaceous correctly fitted woman’s chef jacket. Designed by a female chef and tailor-made by hand these jackets complement the feminine body. Made to fit all shapes of chefs we have a plus size range available too. Wearing this jacket you’ll want to scream, I am woman, hear me roar!

Our jackets are made with high quality slightly stretchable fabric that’s soft to touch and feels oh so good on your skin. Breathable 65% cotton with a touch of polyester for that bright white look and no ironing necessary, just wash, hang and go. The poly in the mix also means, less of those little fluff balls and good durability. The feminine cut of this jacket really sits nicely on a women’s body, keeping you comfortable and feeling good all day and night long. Say goodbye to baggy uncomfortable scratchy jackets! Feel and look feminine while cooking, No more cooking in men’s (unisex) jackets and Man-i-forms!

These are designed for NO APRON NECK RUB! Our higher collar’s and tab to hold the apron string in place, making annoying apron rub disappear forever! Buttons are included with the jackets, choose from Black White Silver Gold or Brass!

Not only are all our products handmade they are also covered by our Rock Shop Guarantee and have a warranty for 6 months! No other uniform shop has that!


Sam Szostak, Executive Chef of Maddison’s Law firm Melbourne said:

“For the first time ever, I actually feel glamourus in my chef whites!”

80% of female chefs in 2021 wore men’s ( unisex ) chefwear! 


Be Ready 4 Service, Be Ready2Rock!

Weight.51 kg



Black, White, Gold, Silver, Brass


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