R2R Chef Bumper Sticker

R2R Chef Bumper Sticker


R2R Chef Bumper Sticker

Show off your chefness when on the move with this gnarley chef bumper sticker!

*NEW low postage – $3.99 on stickers, earings and buttons

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Chef Bumper Sticker

With this kick butt R2R chef bumper sticker you will be able to entertain other motorists sitting on your tailgate. They may look at it, realise your a chef, think to themselves jez this driver probably has big scary knives onboard and will back off immediately! Once again R2R is here to save the day!

680mm x 680mm

Also we do the cool “Born a chef Bumper Sticker”  & The Classic R2R sticker

We have updated the postage

If you just want stickers or earrings or a pack of buttons $3.99 Postage – You can buy 3 and it will still  be a 3.99 flat postage price.

Weight.03 kg


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