Ready2Rock Cash Card

Ready2Rock Cash Card



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Ready2Rock Cash Card

The Ready2Rock Cash Card is now available! Know someone who loves R2R as much as you? Need the best chefwear but your short a few bucks? See if you can twist someone’s arm into an early birthday pressie or Christmas Gift! Or if you are so happy with your purchase maybe help out your apprentice with a small amount on an R2R Cash Card? Also a great reward for those in charge of a kitchen to use an R2R Cash Card as a reward to the best staff member of the month or year as then they also will purchase new chefwear and look super smart and fresh in your kitchen! Now, that’s a win-win situation for everyone! When purchasing the card you can choose the amount to top up or choose a preset amount and then choose the theme of the card from 5 themes:

  • R2R
  • Christmas chef
  • Muppet Chef Birthday
  • Chef Birthday
  • Congratulations

The ready2rock cash card has an expiry of one year from the date of purchase. They can be used on any items in our online store or redeemed for custom orders. To redeem while making the custom order, simply email us what they would like to design at and email us a copy of the cash card. Balances remaining on the card can be checked online too!



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