Men’s Stud Muffin – White Push Stud Chef Jacket

Men’s Stud Muffin – White Push Stud Chef Jacket


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Men’s Stud Muffin – White Push Stud Chef Jacket

A push stud chef jacket that fits perfectly and is made for comfort.

Sick and tired of standing on those pesky little removable buttons from your traditional jackets? Getting annoyed losing buttons all the time and having only four to hold your jacket together? Want to be able to just whip your jacket off your body, like a rockstar chef stud muffin stripper? Oh Yeah! That’s right! Well, now you can. 😉

Be pimped in this comfortable short-sleeved push stud chef jacket. Made of our sexy fabric that feels so soft, its 65% cotton for breathability and 35% poly for that smack white appearance. The polyester prevents that dull grey colouring and gives the chef jackets long-lasting durability. The poly also produces fewer of those little fluff balls over time. Our chef jackets are designed with high collars and apron tabs to remove all annoying apron rub too!

The men’s style has darts on the back of the jacket to give your manly shoulders more shape and will have you Ready2Rock those waitresses!! WINK WINK. ** Although R2R does not support or condone any form of sexual harassment** But we can make you look good for the girls .. No harm there!

So what are you waiting for, feed your inner rock star and be Ready2Rock the kitchen today!

Available in Black with a black mesh back

Chef Gareth Shergold of Fork it Catering Melbourne ” The best chef jacket I have ever worn. Hands down. I have never been so comfortable wearing my chef whites before. These S**T all over other brands I have tried.  Cheers R2R
Weight.51 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


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