The Stud Muffin Women’s White Chef Jacket

The Stud Muffin Women’s White Chef Jacket


Womens Push stud White Chef Jacket

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 Stud Muffin Women’s White Chef Jacket

Get your wee burnt, sliced up chef hands onto these Stud Muffin Women’s white chef jacket today! Comfortable, easy to wear ‘n’ wash and snazzy as F! These jackets are cut to a woman’s body and make any curvy or slim chefsista look good, feel good and comfortable all day and night long. Having a push-stud chef jacket is so much easier than the traditional jackets, you’ll never have to worry again about having only 4 chef buttons to hold the jacket together and no more plastic chef buttons to accidentally stand on.

These hand made white chef jackets are made out of our famous quality polycotton mix. Read the benefits here:

  • There’s a small amount of stretch, so it’s extra comfortable to wear and is easy to move in.
  • No ironing is necessary, Just hang and go.
  • The bright white colour is kept up by the polyester in the fabric and an overnight soak brings it back to life.
  • The cotton percentage in the fabric delivers breathability.
  • Soft feel to the touch of the fabric, it’s great against your skin
  • The fabrics NOT see-through, No bras or anything will show through
  • Plus size range also now available

We recommend to keep them fresh and white, the sard concentrated stick is great to rub on stains before washing day, and if they need an all-over fix, give them a soak in Nappi San to revive. Dishwashing liquid is great on oily stains if you get a few of them. Our jackets have higher collars to stop apron neck rub, never have your apron jump your collar again!

These are also currently available in:

Black short sleeve with Black mesh back
Plus sizing also available

Nikki Jay – Chef from Sydney said

These are the comfiest chef jackets I have ever owned! Its absolutely perfect! I will defintly be buying more Thank you soo much R2R.

-Nikki then ordered another 4 Jackets the following week!!


Weight.51 kg

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