Suecos Magnus Chef Shoe – White

Suecos Magnus Chef Shoe – White


White Suecos Magnus Chef shoes
(pronounced sway-coze)


Size range in EU sizes.

36 to 46

Sizing conversion chart in the photo slide show

See below for the full description⇓

Also Available in BLACK – ON SALE NOW – $99 ONLY


Magnus chef shoe white is a lightweight, comfortable slip-resistant safety shoe ideal for hospitality professionals. The sleek design has a reinforced heel and a safety toe that’s able to withstand an impact of 1500kg! You don’t need to worry about your tootsies in these bad boys! The sole is made from super-duper non-slip material for further safety and risk reduction and has passed every high safety standard test’s worldwide. These chef shoes have removable cushioned insole’s that are easy to wash and have new XCell technologies to increase the support in the shoe, achieving greater comfort over long days standing on your feet. No more waking up with sore feet.

Ready2Rock has chosen to partner up with the Suecos (sway-coze) shoe range because is designed exclusively for trades that are on their feet all day, these shoes help protect your knees, back and feet whilst you work.

As ex-chefs at Ready2Rock, we know first hand, or er foot, how important it is to be wearing good quality chef shoes as we didn’t when we were younger and we paid dearly for it. Most of our old chef days we choose Birky’s but wearing them by the age of 33 Sciatica developed  (OMG SO PAINFUL) and then on top of that in the mornings we were also unable to walk due to Plantar fasciitis (AKA – BLOODY SORE HEELS SYNDROME).

Now when we throw ourselves back into kitchens to test chef wear and we wear SUECOS. We’ve had No pain, No Sciatica, No Plantar Fasciitis. So that’s why we’ve chosen to partner up with Suecos, their high support features are great for chefs and they will help your body be pain-free for longer.

The difference between the Thor and the Magnus chef shoes.

Magnus has the amazingly extra supportive removable innersole. It’s got phenomenal arch support and these chef shoes are really nice to work in.

The Thor has a nice comfortable moulded base for your feet. But there’s no removable, supportive innersole for the arch of your feet like the Magnus. They’re still comfortable and good for your feet, there’s just no removable innersole in the Thor.

Magnus – no holes at all.

Thor has 6 air holes around the shoe

Magnus has a different grip on the sole to the thor – both are made to high non-slip standards.

Both have a moveable strap piece at the back of the shoe, it can add extra height to the back of the shoe and give a tighter fit or you can move it forward over the shoe if you prefer. Wear them how you prefer to. They are easier to remove when straps not behind your foot, but you have the choice!

Features of the Suecos

  • Strong EVA cap for more protection,
  • Rubber slip-resistant outsole that over exceeds industry standards.
  • Lightweight Footwear that won’t weigh you down.
  • Support your back, knees & feet while you work.
  • The high-tech sole provides better grip and surpasses the most demanding industry standards on dry, wet, soapy and oily surfaces.
  • Highest anti-slip category (SRC) specified by EN ISO (European standards)
  • Good Support for your feet in the design of the innersole- Super cushioned and moulded to support your arch
  • Your choice helps the underprivileged -A Clog for a Clog, for every pair sold Suecos puts a pair of shoes on to a struggling kid!
  • Be pain-free after 33 + Don’t be like us and choose bad footwear- it really hurts later on!!!

For more information here are the links to the International site and the Australian site and their Clog for a Clog info page.

Suecos Au

Clog for a Clog

Suecos Int

Weight1 kg

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46


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