Trigger Happy Apron

Trigger Happy Apron


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A top pen pocket for marker and pen and or thermometer.
A tong holder pocket, nice in low, so you’re free to bend and it doesn’t get in the way.
A pocket for either your phone or some paperwork and on that pocket there’s ….  a spoon holder tab!

Don’t let anyone steal your tongs again!

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Trigger Happy Apron

Yes! Your chef dreams are becoming a reality! After many requests from chefs saying they want a utility-style apron, we have designed an apron with every bloody pocket you might need to survive a shitty service. This is the cousin apron to our 3way – Double Happy Apron.

The Trigger Happy Apron is for chefs who want their equipment on them at all times, everything you may need is a finger lift away from you. Do you need tongs? Here they are, in my tong pocket, on my apron! Your 2 seconds away from them being in your hands ready to twirl in your burnt chef fingers towards that steak. Our open-ended pocket will stop grease build-up and gives it hygiene and washability. Also, the tong holder is placed lower than your hips so you can bend over and not get tonged in the gut while manoeuvring around the kitchen and steering the stoves.

Need your phone handy? Or want that folded up recipe or paperwork with you, there’s a handy pocket on the left for any of that, and it gets better than that, with a spoon hanger tab attached. Have a spoon handy to taste the food or use the little tab for a thermometer.

But wait.. what if you need a pen and or marker… Well, there’s the top pocket for that and they fit tight in case you’re bending down a lot.

If you want to walk into your service Ready2Rock and be totally prepared for the chef battlefields of service, then this Trigger Happy Apron may be your ultimate kitchen weapon.!

Two sizes available too .. It just gets better and better

Choose from Larger or Smaller Available in All Black

( photos of the apron in white stitching is to demonstrate pocket placement)




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