The Rockzette – White’N’Grey

The Rockzette – White’N’Grey


We are discontinuing the grey and white Rockzette – ONE MEDIUM LEFT!  GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN!

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The Rockzette- Feminine Chef Jackets

These feminine chef jackets are kicking butt in kitchens around Australia. We can not keep up with the sales of these new modern, bold, badass jackets. The Rockzettes are designed by the ex-chef and owner-operator of Ready2Rock Bec Telford. Feeling bored and tired of shitty women’s unisex uniforms she came up with these rockin chef jackets. There is no chef jacket like these before R2R existed, she originally designed and made these just for herself! Other chefsistas saw them and wanted something more lively in the kitchen that fitted nicely and flattered the female body shape too, so R2R was born.

Keeping a professional air to them, the white and grey Rockzette’s have a clean edge to them and let you stand out in these feminine chef jackets without being too loud.

Quoted from Kristie Stewart, head chef of Lobbs Cafe in Brunswick Melbourne

” I think these jackets are awesome, I love the fabric and the nice design, we’re a female majority kitchen and we’re all now cooking in R2R chefwear”




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