WÜSTHOF Black Ash Knife Block Set

WÜSTHOF Black Ash Knife Block Set

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Wusthof Black Ash Knife Block Setwusthof sold here

Classic Ikon Black Ash Wood Knife Block Set

A beautiful contemporary modern kitchen knife block set. The knife block is made from Black Ash Wood and will make any home kitchen well-equipped. The full set includes:

Black Ash Wooden Knife Block + 9cm Paring knife + 12cm Utility knife + 16cm Utility Knife + Santoku 17cm + Chefs knife 20cm + Bread knife Double serrated 23cm

Step up your home kitchen meals and enjoy the Wusthof magic at home too, PLUS Free knife sharpening

Set of knives individually –  RRP $1974

Plus knife block RRP $215

Total RRP $2,189.00   Our price $1,629

The Black Ikon Chefs Knife 20cm RRP $399 WUSTHOF IKON KNIVES

Elegant knives are designed to be a workhorse in professional kitchens. Purchasing an Ikon knife is a lifetime investment you won’t regret. The half bolster, the junction between the handle and blade, reduces the weight of the knife, making it easier to handle. It also allows the entire blade to be sharpened more easily. The Ikon range is very reasonably priced, as these are lifelong professional knives where the exquisite quality is still well above the average chef’s knife. Elegant handles are made for long hours of use with comfort and safety in mind, the forged blades will stay sharper longer and not disintegrate and disappear as cheap softer unforged steel does.

Ikon Classic Black Bread Knife – 23cm Double serrated RRP $419WUSTHOF IKON BREAD KNIVES

A classic amongst the range of knives that belong in every kitchen: as well as bread, this knife is suitable for use on hard-skinned vegetables and fruit, as well as for roasts, especially those with crackling. The concave (inwardly curved), the serrated edge of the knife works like the teeth of a saw but is much finer, so no pressure is required to cut any sort of bread and even a hard crust will allow a clean cut.

Ikon Classic Santoku 17cm  RRP $ 379

An Asian-inspired blade shape that slices wafer-thin vegetables and can easily work its way through heavy prep lists quickly and precisely. Great for mincing garlic, fine julienne cuts and the Santoku has a dimpled blade to release food easily off the blade.

Classic Ikon Paring Knife 9cm RRP $229WUSTHOF IKON KNIVES

Small easy to maneuver, versatile knife with a slim blade and plain edge. The Vegetable/paring Knife’s slim small blade offers greater versatility and precision and is designed for small kitchen jobs such as; slicing onions and other veggies, it can peel apples and potatoes, or finely slicing garlic and chili, and coring tomatoes. The paring knife is also useful for chopping, cleaning, and decorating fruits and vegetables. With its sharp, pointed blade and really comfortable handle the Ikon is a decent paring knife that will last for years. It is a lot easier to hold than the cheap disposable ones if you have larger hands too.

2 x Classic Ikon Utility Knifes  16cm & 12 cm  RRP $299 – $249WUSTHOF IKON CARVING KNIVES

Small, versatile knife with a slim blade and plain edge. The Utility knife is for Vegetable preparation or great if on a larder section in a kitchen. The knife has been specifically made for cutting onions, vegetables and herbs. This knife is also extremely useful in the pastry section due to its size and versatility. It is superb for chopping, cleaning, and decorating fruits. With its sharp, pointed blade, this vegetable/larder/pastry Knife is fantastic at smaller precision cutting.

Black Ash Knife Block Set RRP $215Ash wood chefs 7 piece knife block

A beautifully sleek and modern Knife Block that will look great in any kitchen and enjoyed on a daily basis. The main block is crafted from Black Ash wood. Black Ash is strong and has great shock resistance, it is often used for tool handles, baseball bats & rackets. It is a good utility wood for boxes and is also used for rustic flooring. The Black Ash is nested onto strong Stainless Steel plate with the WÜSTHOF logo for you to proudly display.

Knife block: Length 24 cm, wide 11 cm, height 24 cm.

Weight2.2 kg


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