Plain Wayne – Traditional Chef Jacket White Long Sleeve

Plain Wayne – Traditional Chef Jacket White Long Sleeve


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Plastic Chef buttons included with the jacket, choose from Black White Silver Gold or Brass!

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The Plain Wayne – Traditional Chef Jacket

Our traditional chef jacket, designed and cooked to Perfection.

Comfort and style first this jacket will keep you looking like ‘a boss’. Our famous fabric blend feels so good on your skin, you won’t mind wearing it for those 16-hour shifts! Breathable 65% cotton with a touch of polyester for that bright white look and no ironing necessary, just hang and go. The poly in the mix also means less of those little fluff balls and good durability. These jackets are the most comfortable chef jacket’s you will ever try.

These are designed for NO APRON NECK RUB! A higher collar and a small apron tab hold’s your apron string in place, you will never suffer from annoying apron rub ever again!

The Plain Wayne is a long sleeve traditional chef jacket, but we’ve tweaked the design and made slightly shorter sleeves. The jacket still gives great protection from radiant heat over the grill, there are just fewer times folding it back up your arm. We also don’t do huge jumps in our jacket sizing, so everybody can fit our jackets perfectly. Never wear an oversized jacket again! For the larger chefs we have a plus-size range here

Steven Gates, a straight man and Head Chef of My Private Chef, Melbourne was quoted saying to R2R:

“I saw my mate Tim in your jackets. He looked so damn good, even I wanted to take him home !” * He then proceeded to purchase 5 for himself !

Be Ready 4 Service, Be Ready2Rock!


Weight.59 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Black, White, Gold, Silver, Brass


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